Sunday, December 9, 2007

Mrs. Smart

On Friday night Anna and I went out to see "Enchanted." I've been singing on her voicemail ever since. (It's no wonder she won't answer the phone anymore when I call :) Nothing like some good Disney to head into the weekend. Things are cold now in Tucson. We can drink hot chocolate without sweating. I love my wife and everything about her. The previews of "Enchanted" showed a certain movie that caused Anna to say, "the story of my life." I saw evidence of that again last night when we invited the missionaries over for dinner. By the way, it's easy for me to invite the missionaries over for dinner when I study all day because Anna cleans the whole house and makes the whole meal. She rocks!! But after the meal I went to check out a book on the couch and Anna was still sitting with the Elders at the table. Our computer was on the ground, playing music, and Anna was about four feet away from it. As deftly as Anna could, she tried to reach over to hit the mute button while at the same time staying in her seat. The laws of physics demanded justice and Anna slipped under the table. Now see if she can't co-star with Steve Carell :)

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Amie said...

Hey! I love reading about what you two are up to! Makes me not miss you quite so much! You two are great and I'm happy things are going so well! Also- Anna, your hair is adorable! I love it!